Topics of Yoga Workshops and Classes

Light and Life - Spiritual Revival - Rebirthing - Transcendental Meditation
The Age of Aquarius - The Art of Life - Visions and Revelations
Intergral Yoga - Psychosynthesis

Programmes of workshops last either one weekend (2 days) or 3-4 days together with lectures and classes, as well as practice in pairs and in groups. All workshops cover the basic (common) elements of knowledge and practice of ancient layas which are inevitable for followers of the spiritual development path. We have mentioned the most freqently appearing topics and workshop projects, seminars and meetings here. Seminar is a lecture connected with an introductory meeting. The programmes include exploration of the holy scriptures of the East and West conducted by acharyas, exercises in controlling the energy of chakras and aura, according to secret teachings of laya yoga masters, studies of the alchemic spiritual transformation with the help of a purple flame, elements of a spiritual cosmic clock which serves the purpose of liberation from the deposits of former conditioning imprinted in the cosmogram, teachings concerning verbal expression in connection with mystical prayer, meditation and visualisation as the key to soul liberation at the dawn of the upcoming Age of Aquarius, the path of spiritual healing practices orientated to people and our planet according to ayurveda yoga. There is also a possibility of acquainting oneself more closely with the rishi path, as well as teachings on leadership in communities and nations of this planet, in the form in which they were transmitted by the bards of our nations and the avatar of the planet, who have come for the benefit of the whole mankind, such as Rama, Dattatreya, Gautama, Jesus, Mohammad, Shankara, Morya, Shirdi Sai Baba and others. Persons who are deeply interested in spiritual liberation may take up individual initiations into special paths of the esoteric occult practice. The range of topics provided includes the most fundamental laya-yoga activities programmes concerning esoteric - hermetical subjects.

  • Unity of spiritual teachings of all religions unification of all religions; one faith and one goal, though there may exist various particular methods; celebration of the oneness of all religions; the unification principle and spiritual synthesis; existence of one religion only, that established by the Creator: a hidden path within the esoterics of each religion manifested by prophets (avatars);
  • spiritual development, the concept of guru, the significance of initiation, spiritual guidance, personality development training, spiritual awakening, methods of self-realisation, the eternal path of righteousness, balance between water and fire, spiritual baptism and stages of the mystical path; the spiritual journey and the temptations and mistakes of itinerants, as well as their consequences;
  • symbolism of the spiritual journey, the mysterious force of mystical signs; the journey towards the higher self (soul), awakening of the intuitive powers, yantra and mandala; the miraculous power of healing signs and symbols; how to generate the power of mystical symbols;
  • teachings relating to chakras, how to awaken and develop lotus flowers; the power of concentration on chakras, numerical and graphic symbolism of chakras, basic and secret lotuses, tantric methods (seven chakras and rays of evolution); individual birth chakra and the element of personal evolution;
  • the power and energy of a sound, vibrations of syllables and words, the meaning and effects of sounds, mystical sounds which serve the purpose of spiritual development, the magical power of invocation and recitation (mantra and japas); prayer with a rosary and its powerful effects; the aliquot of Gregorian Chants; sounds of revival in the Holy Spirit;
  • the restorative power of breath, a course in linked breathing, breaths of elements, eliminating tensions and mental blocks by means of the art of breathing, relaxation, therapeutic breathing (respirotherapy), breath in spiritual development, pranayama methods, breath in the Christian mysticism, affirmation and breathing rhythm, the art of life using breathing methods;
  • the practices of conscious dying and the techniques of transferring (refining) consciousness, the stages of mystical death, the death gate in spiritual development, the phenomenon of dreaming and death; hierarchies of the angels of death; purification of the death train and liberation from fatal occurrences (anathemas); purification of dream experiences and the astral plane; worlds that are parallel to the human existence and the phenomenon of exteriorisation;
  • Angels (devas) and heavens, angels of the Vedic and Judaic tradition, methods of summoning and establishing good relations with celestial beings, methods of work with angels, spiritual masters and saints; celestial spiritual guidance; celestial planes and hierarchies; Vedic teachings on lokas (populated worlds) and their inhabitants; initiations into celestial spiritual consciousness and celestial guru yogi;
  • classical yoga and the methods of practice; the consciousness of yoga founders: Shiva and Parvati; controling (subjugating) one's mind and senses, silencing mental sensations, peaceful and creative state of consciousness (alfa) and ways of deepening this state; basic methods of work with one's breath, sounds and light; expanding one's consciousness; classical Maha Yoga and the twelve paths of mystical yoga;
  • love relationships, intimate life, transformation of procreative powers, eros, philos and agape; creating (building) a relationship based on happiness, friendship and freedom; tantric (free) relationships, cherubic (monogamic) relationships, sex in partnership, transformation of feelings, healing old wounds from previous relationships; sexual abstinence methods, sanctified sex, freedom of expression in intimate life, twin flames, intimate life and spiritual development, mysticism, maithuna tantra (for spouses and relationships), as well as finding one's female or male partner;
  • ayurveda (knowledge concerning healthy life), therapeutic and longevity yoga, i.e. the path od spiritual healers; self-healing meditations; healing light transmission sessions; vase breathing healing, treatment by means of the colours of rainbow, hydrotherapy; massages; herbs, affirmations, healing rituals, initiations related to the paths of spiritual healers, the journey to the paradise of health and perfectness (vaidurya);
  • welfare tantra, tantra of wealth and prosperity; divine principles of creating prosperity, the laws of success and good luck, attracting co-workers, principles of independent livelihood and self-sufficiency, welfare affirmations, searching for internal treasures and miraculous values, the ritual of success (Lakshmi Puja)...