Terms and Conditions of Participation

IMPORTANT! Laya Yoga sessions are two-day meetings, which are essetially workshops. You are kindly requested to plan your participation in the entire series of workshops exclusively: from the beginning to the end. THE BEGINNING: Saturdays at 10 a.m. (participants may register with the organiser), THE END: Sunday at 5 p.m. Saturday workshops usually finish at 7 p.m., and on Sunday they begin around 9 a.m. One may not participate in one part of the programme only. Participants are requested to plan their time in such as way as to be able to take part in the entire Saturday and Sunday project of Laya Yoga activities. Please bring your own sleeping bags or blankets for exercises in the sitting position and relaxation while lying down. It is advisable to bring scarves to cover your body when you meditate, as well as your own equipment for sleeping. Presence of small children and pets at the workshops is strictly forbidden. Group meals during breaks (snacks after the first half of the day’s activities) ought to be brought by participants themselves and can be vegetarian only! We suggest that during the days spent at workshops participants shift to vegetarian diet!

Participation costs

Unless otherwise indicated in the programme, generally the costs fluctuate within the range of 200 PLN, 80-100 GBP in UK (depending on the number of participants and costs of renting the rooms, subject to negotiation with the organiser, within the indicated price range). Married couples, partners, siblings, dependants: discount is available. Discounts for regular attendants (after no less than 10 two-day session of Laya/ Bhaishajya). The price is does not include food or accommodation costs. Persons who cannot afford to cover the cost of their participation may apply for exemption from the payment. Please report this fact to the Laya, Bhaishajya or Tantra session organiser! It is necessary to report your willingness to participate to the organiser at least a few days prior to the workshop inauguration.