Śri Kalkin - Teacher and Saviour

The Saviour’s (Kalkin’s) name is known in all religions of the world. In the Jewish religion it is Messiah and in Zarathustra’s religion it is Soashyant. His name is Christ in the Christian religion and Maitreya in the Buddhist religion. His name is Kalkin (which literally means the Saviour) in the Hindu religion and Imam Mahdi in the Muslim religion. The Saviour arrives on a white horse, which is a symbol of pure devotion of a soul that has offered itself to God in an act of self-sacrifice and in the service for His Cause. Here comes Jagadguru, as all Yogis call Him. The one that comes in the Name of God, whose most powerful act of mercy is Love - Wisdom in one radiant stream.

Jagadguru attracts to Himself all Spiritual Masters, Holy Arhats (the Perfect Ones) unified in the communion of one religious goal. The means of recognising spiritual disciples is through their ability to exert control over their environment. The Initiated (Enlightened Ones) may be recognised through the range and vastness of their deeds performed for the benefit of all mankind as well as other countless beings.

Great Holy Men, Gurus, are frequently referred to as Jagadguru. This merely means that they belong to Shigatse Ashram, to the spiritual hierarchy of Sages wearing Golden Robes. The significance of it is that they are united in a common cause, which is work for the spiritual development of all humanity, according to the mission of the Teacher of the World, Christ - Maitreya.

The Teacher of the World of humans and angels (devas), Living God, The Christ of Advent, the Incoming Saviour, God’s Son and God’s Word (Logos), Guru (Spiritual Guide) of each heart. Sadguru of people and angels, Teacher and Spiritual Guide in the heart of all Masters, Saints and Prophets that have ever been born on the Planet Earth. The Christ of the Planet called Earth. Living word of God that conveys teachings (Veda). The Kalkin of our planetary logos.

There have been accounts of materialisations of Messiah the Saviour in Kenya, England, and also in Japan and America. These materialisations, which have occurred in the course of the past dozen or so years, allow Jagadguru to appear in his perfect visible body called Mayavirupa. His radiant silhouette focuses, just like lens, all the love, harmony and the beauty of Christ’s consciousness, or as one may also call it, Buddhist consciousness. In their invocations, Sages of the Sufi tradition call Him the embodiment of all masters, the spirit of our times and the spirit of guidance.

His contemporary materialisations present Him with Pakistani (Kashmir) facial features, which remind one of existence in Kashmir, where the spiritual roots of the Semites and Setites lines are. He is dressed in white robes and and He appears mainly to show support for charismatic healers, also the Christian and Muslim ones. According to a biblical prophecy, by materialising Himself, he descends from heaven assuming His illusory body (Mayavirupa).

The Saviour (Kalkin, Christ) absolves people and other creatures, visible and invisible ones, from karmic sins committed, as well as mistakes made. He establishes contact with each creature’s soul, which is divine, pure and essentially full of light, as it has been created so as to reflect God and in God’s image.

True experiencing and feeling the Presence of Kalkin comes thanks to full opening of one’s heart and soul. In Yoga it is called opening oneself for Sadguru, who essentially The Teacher of the World and the Master of all Masters is. It is possible to get to know Christ only in the process in which a feeling soul perceives in a profoundly intuitive way, using intuitive mind belonging to true, angelic Self.


The sign of Christ’s/ Maitreya’s blessing is the sign of CROSS made by using the right hand. It resembles „Tau”, i. e. „t” letter. We draw a line from the left to the right, and then from above downwards. Tau conveys the Saviour’s blessing. It is a mystical cross with which we can bless bread (or any meal), people, places and objects. The traditional cross gesture outlined with one’s thumb on the forehead has a particularly traditional meaning: it opens one for the ray of Love and Wisdom and it opens one for Christ’s light. The sign of cross is called vajra, which means a diamond or a thunder. It indicates its enormous purifying power which serves purposes such as, among others, exorcisms. In the contemporary times, all places in the world need the purifying force of exorcism, as much as they never have before, in order to eliminate all possible influences from hell or demons.


Understanding of the fundamental truth about the unity of source from which all the religions of the East and West have originated, as well as comprehension of the essential unity of all religious teachings it the first threshold leading to enlightenment, thanks to the ray of Loving God’s Wisdom.This is a cornerstone on the path to Shigatse Temple.The truth that all, apparently so dissimilar and distinct religions, are in their essence one and the same religion revealed to the world by the blessed Teacher of the World by the agency of Prophets sent to the world, is this narrow and tight gate entered by only a few chosen ones, for whom it meant their First Spiritual Initiation.This knowledge accompanied whole generations of believers represeting all religions, and came to them with the feeling that there is only one genuine religion.This is God’s religion of loving Wisdom.

Teachings concerning the unity of religious ideals and the fact that all religions and denominations lead to the same goal, is a basic lesson for representatives of all religions, a lesson they all have to learn in order to be able to live in love and tolerance. This is a teaching preached by Kalkin Himself (Maitreya, Christ - the Saviour).Everybody who enters the spiritual path, who follows the College of Wisdom, needs this food - sort of spiritual milk which indicates the existence of only one religion: whether it is called the Buddhist one or the Muslim one - it is always the same religion.

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