Hridaya Circle

Anahata, Sanskrit: अनाहत, Anāhata - is, accoring to Hindu tradition, a heart chakra, center of sympathy, compassion, love, light and positive feelings. Chakra connected with healing energies and having healing properties. Anahata chakra is a center of air element, lotus flower of twelve petals. Lessons of the Heart, Hridaya, are very important aspect of spiritual practice leading towards the Enlightenment and Liberation. Masters of the East teach, that basic development of the heart center takes 12 years. It is the cycle, that disciple spends with his Master, Śri Guru, in order to awaken, clean and develop the twelve petaled heart chakra by his learning, practice and spiritual service. One of the aspects of heart development is vedic astrology as a science about solar zodiac signs. Development of the heart chakra is set by twelve consecutive petals of Anahata lotus. Its symbol is vedic six-pointed star and a seed sylabelle is "Yam". The symbol of the soul is bright, fixed flame. It should be emphasized that people who have not accomplished 12 years of initiatory practice under the direction of a Master, a living Śri Guru, certainly are not a people of the heart, and have not developed Anahata chakra, which develops through pure bond with Guru.