White Light Spiritual Meditations - Yoga Dhyana

Dhi - White Light Meditations

White Light meditation, Jyoti Dhyana, is a marvellous medium to work with and experience the power of meditation in your daily life. It can be easily developed into a daily meditation practice allowing you to become aware of your true nature as spirit and soul, atman. Through bringing others into the light we can achieve forgiveness and connect to all in a sense of oneness. Light is healing and purifying and of course enlightening. When you learn to meditate using this technique you will experience many of the benefits of meditation as well as achieving forgiveness and connecting to all in a sense of oneness by bringing them into the Light. 

Yoga present to different approaches to the White Light guided meditation as well as elaborating on how, using it as a healing meditation, we can heal relationships and rejuvenate the body. This relaxing true yoga meditation connects with the energy of unconditional divine love. Light embraces all and is expansive. It can light a thousand flames and not diminish. Focusing on the light is also a most effective of relaxation techniques as well as being a relatively easy meditation to master. It is sincere wish of all Yogis and Yoginis that through Light Meditations you can come to know yourself as light, as Atman, The Soul. 

Dhi (dhI) means Light in Vedic sriptures, light of intelligence, light of thoughts, light of devotion, light of art, sciene or understanding, light od wisdom. Dhyana (dhyAna) means Light Vessel or Light Vehicle, Light Ship or Journey. Dhyana means leading for light, leading or ourse towards light with Light Chariot. Dhi means nourish or refresh so Dhyana means nourishing and refreashing through light of intelligence and wisdom. Dhimat (dhImat) to osoba jednocześnie inteligentna, światła, mądra, uczona i wrażliwa. Jyotis means light like of the sun, dawn, fire, lightning or brightness, light appearing in the three worlds, viz. on earth, in the intermediate region, and in the sky or heaven. Jyotis it is the light of heaven, celestial world, like fire, sun and moon together. Jyotishya (jyotiSya) is enlighten being, illumineted one. Jyotishmat (jyotiSmat) is luminous, brilliant, shining, belonging to the world of light, celestial or the heavenly, spiritual, pure Yogis! 

According to the Hindu Yoga Sutra, written by Patanjali, dhyana is one of the eight limbs of Yoga, (the other seven being Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, and Samādhi). The entire Eight Limbs of the Patanjali system are also sometimes referred to as Dhyana, or the meditative path, although strictly speaking, only the last four limbs constitute meditation Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana, and Samādhi. The preceding steps are only to prepare the body and mind for meditation. In the Ashtanga ("eight limbs") Yoga of Patanjali, the stage of meditation preceding dhyāna is called dharana. In Dhyana, the meditator is not conscious of the act of meditation (i.e. is not aware that s/he is meditating) but is only aware that s/he exists (consciousness of being), and aware of the object of meditation. Dhyana is distinct from Dharana in that the meditator becomes one with the object of meditation. He/she is then able to maintain this oneness for 144 inhalations and expiration.Dhyana, practiced together with Dharana and Samādhi constitutes the Samyama. 

Dhyāna in Sanskrit (Devanagari: ध्यान) or jhāna (झान) in Pāli can refer to either meditation or meditative states. Equivalent terms are "Chán" in modern Chinese, "Zen" in Japanese, "Seon" in Korean, "Thien" in Vietnamese, and "Samten" in Tibetan. The Dhyana Yoga system is specifically described as very important by Sri Krishna in chapter six of the Bhagavad Gita, wherein He explains the many different Yoga systems to His friend and disciple, Arjuna. In fact, Lord Shankar described 108 different ways to do Dhyan to Mata Parvati. In Vedi tardition or modern in hinduism, dhyāna is considered to be an instrument to gain self knowledge, separating māyā from reality to help attain the ultimate goal of mokṣa. Depictions of Hindu yogis performing dhyāna are found in ancient texts and in statues and frescoes of ancient Indian temples. Dhyāna in Rāja Yoga is also found in Patañjali's Yoga Sūtras. Dhyana practiced together with dhāraṇā and samādhi it constitutes the saṃyama but it is advanced stage of Yoga. 

The power of White Light or Solar Light has been known for centuries as holding the most electrifying energy for cutting through. If have to define this statement in mind's eye it is much like a laser cutting through glass. White light energy carries all colours much like a prism within its force field. When we use this ancient wisdom as a healing agent, incredible adjustments are made within our psyche whether it is through the magnetic field of our physical, psychic, emotional or mental states of awareness. Our bodies take this light to exactly where it is required in any one moment when we ask for a specific task to be undertaken. 

Let's say you find yourself in a situation which appears to be a stalemate, noting that no-one is either right or wrong, the energy is simply out of alignment. I have found through the simple act of breathing white light into my base chakra or energy point which represents the earth and then breathing the white light from your base chakra, muladhara, to the situation for a count of four a solution will simply arise from seemingly nowhere. Keep repeating the process until you naturally let it go or are not thinking about it anymore. 

If a situation is mind or heart related do the same breathing process to the situation in hand for an outcome to occur. Please note it may not be how you expect, however it will always be the best for all concerned. If you want a relationship which is fulfilling, lasting and successful whether it is personal or business, be aware that our emotional body of consciousness is held in our solar plexus, so the pattern of breathing White Light - Prana Light is into your solar plexus and back out to the idea you wish to experience. 

The power of white light is charismatic in its application as real time results happen. The pull and sway of the energy aligns vibrations at the speed of light. The process will leave an imprint on your memory for you to draw from in times when you require this most amazing healing power. The ancient art of white light healing has been known to man for centuries, yet we tend to complicate things by making unnecessary rules and activations in order for people to think they have permission to use this template which is held within our knowledge bank. Life is simple and fun when we allow abundance to flow from our inner heritage. Always have the best intention in your heart and watch your life become magical. 

White light is a known occultic buzz word and belief, particularly popular in Spiritualist beliefs (and in ’white’ witchcraft). Spiritualist Mediums and white witches and other occultists will often cast a circle of white light around themselves as ‘protection’ from dark forces before going into a trance or before casting spells, or before allowing (what they think to be temporary) spirit possession by (what they think to be) benign helping spirits, and call on this white light to aid them or others. 

Foto: Basic White Light meditation on heart and crown lotus

White Light Meditations

Spiritual Protection Techniques

Traditionally, it is considered Prana like white partiles raises from the lower end of spine to top of the head during inhalation and apana runs down from top of the head to lower end of the spine during exhalation. However it is kind of mental exercise but you have to go beyond mind structure. First, you need to workout with your sacrum, with muladhara. You need to cultivate multi-directional awareness in that area. You may visualize White Sun Energy, White Light at the sacrum. Gradually you need to cultivate awareness in the forehead and top of the skull. But these are not pre-planned mind activities. First just cultivate awareness of feelings. Let feelings be your guide, not your intellect. Let your inner light mind, boddhi consciousness be your Yoga Guide leading You toward real Guruh. 

Spiritual Protection is something that everyone should know how to do, regardless of our religious beliefs (or lack of). It encompasses far more than just bad ghosts & spirits too. Negativity in any form can be damaging to the human energy field (aura). Fear, anger, depression, negative people/places, arguments and more actually create negative energy that can cling to you or build up in your home and cause problems over time. Spiritual cleansings are very important, for yourself and your home. I recommend they be done at least every few months, more if you find yourself feeling stressed or fatigued. Regular spiritual house clearings are also important to remove any negative energies that may be hanging around. The most important thing is your intention that you are removing negative energy. 

White Light Meditation

White light meditation has been used as a spiritual protection technique for hundreds of years. It has been more recently used by cancer sufferers in many hospitals as a healing meditation. Many mediums and psychics claim this type of meditation has helped them in many ways. White light meditation practiced daily over a long period of time will increase your spiritual vibratory rate allowing you to accomplish a much higher state of spiritual awareness. When you raise your spiritual awareness you are much less likely to be disturbed by lower level negative energies.

With the many benefits that can be achieved through this simple technique, it could be well worth giving it a shot. White light meditation could be the little extra brightness that you are looking for in life that will leave you with a feeling of a positive glow all around. A simple script that you could record and playback would be something similar to this:
- Let's begin by getting comfortable in our chairs.
- Take a slow breath or two, and gently close the eyes.
- Now take a deep breath when you are ready, hold it for a moment, then let it all out and see, in your mind's eye, all the tension leaving you now as a fine grey mist.
- Another deep breath, letting even more tension leave you now, as you begin to feel more and more relaxed.

Such guided through the guruh or acharya meditation will protect and heal you and your loved ones from any physical or emotional challenge. Call upon the Divine energy as white light. Surround yourself with pure love. Let go of thought and emotion and float in a cloud of total relaxation. Feel the immediate benefits of Guided Meditation; Clarity, Love, Peace, Health, Happiness and connection to your true self and the spiritual world. Guided Light Meditation is perfect for Spiritual Growth, Psychic Development, Physical Relaxation and Peace of Mind. There are a variety of Guided Meditation programs suitable for both beginner and advanced. 

White Light Standing Meditation

This meditation and its visualizations work best when standing in pranamasana. So stand up, get comfortably set on your feet, shake out your arms and legs - and then take 3 long slow deep breaths. The closest we can see of the protective white light is when the sun breaks through the clouds some distance away from us after a rain. That pillar of light coming down from heaven to earth is what the sacred white light looks like. Now visualize that wonderful light coming into your crown chakra, your fontenelle, the soft spot on the very top of your head when you were born.

The light pours in, beginning to fill you up. You may feel it in your fingers and toes, or you may not. Whether or not you feel it, it is pouring in. Now you are so full of white light that it is pouring in and pouring out at the same time - so you are now a fountain of this beautiful light. It is creamy white, and gold, and silver, as well as transparent and irridescent and sparkly. Keep breathing, and picture this beautiful scene. Makes you smile, doesn’t it?

When you are calm and peaceful in all your radiance, talk to Spirit about how you want the white light to help and protect you. My favorite is to say - ‘Spirit, I want the information and not the energy.’ In other words, I want to see everything that’s coming at me, all that I need to see of what’s going on around me - but I don’t want anyone else’s energy, good or bad, getting through the white light barrier. Some folk say - ‘I want the information and the good energy’.

If you’re driving, you could put this energy around the car, and cause it to spin, deflecting any problems - like radar. You can make the energy thicker, less transparent. You can make a concrete or stainless steel barrier of it if you’d like - and tell Spirit which energies need to be blocked from getting through that barrier. When usually doing this in own living room, put the protection first around yourself, then around the house, then to the edges of the property. And end with taking it clear down to the river and up to the major street behind me, to keep my whole environment in great order. 

When you’re comfortable that you’ve done all the work you wanted to do, say Thank You for all the spiritual assistance, and bring yourself back to normal time and space. The white light will stay after you end the meditation. You can refresh yourself with it whenever you choose. It’s a good idea to take a few minutes to do so if you’re going into a difficult and stressful situation. I do it at least once every couple of week or so, or more often if I need to be calm and centered. 

Trataka - Yoga Light Meditation

White light meditation is of cource Yoga meditation because White Light praties are from Yoga! In this meditation you can sit crossed legged on the floor not in a chair. Either way ensure that your back is straight. Now light a candle or traditional yogic oil lamp and place in front of you. You can place it on a small table not on the floor place it a few paces in front of you on your eyes line. If you have a personal shrine you may want to place the candle there and sit facing the shrine. In all cases ensure you maintain safety awareness in positioning the flame. This is Trataka - basic Light Pratice in each normal Hatha Yoga class. 

Now place your attention on the flame. Sit and observe the flame, and let it be your sole meditative focus. Your awareness remains on the flame. If you find that your mind has strayed simply bring your awareness back to the flame. With daily practice you will find that your power of concentration increases. In the early stages your mind will waver and this is to be expected. Just keep returning your focus to the flame. Seek to allow any thoughts that come into your awareness just to be . Neither follow them nor reject them but let them float through your awareness as only thoughts whilst you continue to concentrate on the candle. The next stage of the meditation is to close your eyes and in your minds eye continue to see the flame in front of you. Then open your eyes and look at the flame. Then close your eyes and imagine it again but this time see if you can keep the image for longer before you again look at the flame in front of you. Do this a few times, each time extending the time you visualize the flame. 

Now keep your eyes closed and imagine the flame on the inside of your forehead. Focus on this for a short while. Then imagine the flame moving down. It moves down through your head and throat and comes to rest at your heart centre which is at the centre of your chest on the level with your physical heart. As the flame rest here imagine that this centre opens up like a lotus flower spreading its petals. The flame remains in the centre of the flower.Then the white light of the flame begins to move outwards to the shoulders and down the arms until both arms and hands are filled with brilliant white light. Then follow your awareness back up the arms to the flame. Now the light from the flame moves up your neck and into your head. It moves into your mouth cleansing your speech, then into your nose then into your eyes. The light is healing. Allow it to relax your eyes and purify your vision. It moves into your ears purifying the sounds you hear. Then it files your head cleansing and stilling your mind and thoughts. Now your entire head, neck, shoulders and arms are filled with a brilliant, healing, purifying spiritual light. As your awareness moves back down to your heart the light expands to fill your whole chest area and then moves down to fill your abdomen. Every organ is filled with light. Move your awareness back to the heart centre and feel the light filling your back. Then the light moves down from the heart centre to your buttocks area and then down through both your legs and into your feet. Your entire body is filled with light. Your entire body has become light. Focus on the light throughout your body and sense it becoming brighter and brighter.

Now allow the light to expand beyond your body so that it fills the entire room you are in and then moves further to fill the entire building. Then the light expands to fill your entire neighbourhood. Let it fill everyone with light. Bring into the light people you know and let them also be filled with light. Expand the light further to fill your entire country. Then let it expand to fill all the counties of the world. The entire globe is filled with light. Then the light expands further and further until it fills the entire universe. Then it moves beyond the universe so that everything becomes pure white light. Remain for a while within the light.

When you are ready to conclude the meditation you can bring your awareness gently back to the flame at your heart centre. Then become aware of your body as it rests in the chair or on the floor. Then open your eyes. A discovery that transformed this practice was the use of to raga music tones whilst meditating on white light. These specially calibrated recordings rapidly take you into a meditative state by using the process of brainwave entrainment. They also enhance your powers of visualization. Listening to sound waves that mirror the waveform patterns of a mind in a meditative state will induce your mind into such a state. There is in reality no Yoga practice without such Light Trataka Meditation! Each Yoga have very intensive White Light meditation, particularly Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga and Raja Yoga (Uro Yoga). White Light meditations, Trataka, is started in each true Yoga course or classes for beginers! 

Sahasrara White Light meditation

Sit with a straight back and crosslegged and close your eyes. Imagine a ball of white energy floating a few inches above top of your head. It is about the size of your head and it is composed of divine light energy. Focus on this image and allow the light to become more and more brilliant. Then sense the light slowly moving down, passing through the top of your head and filling your entire head and face. The light moves on down your neck and into your shoulders. Then it moves down both your arms. So now your hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head are all filled with light. Move your awareness up to your shoulders and allow the light to fill your chest and then your abdomen and then into your back. It moves down through your buttocks and thighs and fills both your legs and goes into your feet. You are now filled with light. Allow the light to become brighter-a brilliant white light filling you from head to toe, filling every organ, filling every part of your body.

Now allow the light to expand beyond your body to fill the room you are in and then the entire building and then your neighbourhood, city, country and eventually the entire world. Then the light expands to fill the Universe and even expands beyond this so that all is light. Remain in the light as long as you wish. There is a variation of this visualisation. Once you are filled with divine white, solar light you allow the light to expand to fill your aura, etheric body called linga sharira. You feel yourself encased in a protective bubble of light. Remain in this sun light awareness for a while. This version is used to create a protective bubble of light that will follow you throughout your day. 

White Light Protection

One of the most important aspects of spiritual protection is "white light" protection. It's very simple to do, and maybe you've even read about it or done it without knowing it. It's very effective at removing and preventing negative energy from harming you. To do this, just visualize an egg-shaped sphere of brilliant white light completely surrounding you, from head to toe. Really focus on seeing it clearly in your mind, and keep building it up so it's SUPER bright and glowing. See it as a solid barrier of protection that negativity cannot cross. If you wish, you can also say a prayer of protection while doing this. You don't have to get fancy with the wording. Say something like, "God/dess, please surround me with a sphere of powerful, brilliant white light. Send the Archangels to protect me from all harm, and please send my Spirit Guides (Angels, Deities) to guide me, guard me and keep away all negative influences."

You can do this for yourself, loved ones, pets, even your house and car! Before traveling anywhere, you can visualize this white light surrounding your car, and the occupants of the car. At night before you go to bed, visualize the white light completely surrounding your house and your family, preventing any harmful energies from entering. This should be done frequently, whether you feel threatened or not. Over time, this builds up a strong shield of protection that is with you always. And just keep reinforcing it, day after day. It's best to do this in the morning and again at night before bed, but it can be done as many times as you want, any time of day. 

As you proceed on your path, the importance of Love and Light needs to be realized. This realization is going beyond recognition, although recognizing the meaning and role of the spiritual white light is the first step, but now is the time to take the second step, and realize this recognition. What we are trying to bring across today is, that you need to learn to actually accept this light and let it flow through your heart. You have a seed of the divine light in your heart, learn to use this spark every day, let it shine out, and enlighten yourself and your surroundings. You will see that this is more than imagining some kind of light, but this spiritual white light has special qualities which are equivalent to unconditional love. 

The more you work with the white light from your heart chakra, the more you will experience unconditional love, and learn to express this wonderful energy which is the key lesson for any human on earth who is striving for spiritual development and self-realization. Learn to use the white light from your heart every day, and in more and more situations of your life. It is very easy to forget about the white light, but it is just the more important to learn to remember it and use it. Whenever you get upset about something, or even angry or frightened, this is the moment you most need the white light. But even in the little moments which are less negative, you can apply this energy and begin to show and express unconditional love. Any task, any problem, any activity during your day or night, you can apply this white light and turn any physical event of your life into a spiritual exercise, which brings you further on your path. 

Of course, this should not lead to reducing your concentration in critical situations, e.g. when driving a motor vehicle, but there are many situations where this could be applied, when thought about. This is what I want to bring closer to you, to remember the spiritual white light during your physical life, it is not simply an exercise for spirituality, as both worlds are much closer than you can imagine, and intertwined. This connection allows you to bring unconditional love into your own life and that of those around you through spiritual light work. May you recognize the white light, and may you realize it in your own life, by learning to use it every day, more and more often.  

Spiritual Chakra Meditations

Your current aim as you begin chakra meditations is to learn how to slow the physical vibration or frequency deep within your body. Many people do not realise that their chakra centres are far too exposed, and they are accepting or collecting vibrational patterns in conflict, these vibrations are both high and low. So often times these patterns are disorganised and untidy, and so frequently the seven layers of the physical emotional intellectual astral etheric celestial and the ketheric are abnormally increased, especially in intensity for their physical parallel. Therefore, the outcome is that they lure slow frequency forces, energy if you will that remain within their personal sphere. If you hurl yourself headlong into meditation, you will speed the whole process up. Directly rendering special stress on your organs that are too slow to cope. This then places too much stress on the chakras already in a place of conflict, which then raises the internal discord of your body. By slowing your physical vibration to a slow-paced more natural frequency than you typically use, you ease the tension and pressure that you put on your muscles.

Anxiety stops being manufactured by your biochemical processes, so you relieve the burden of any stress or mental suffering. You can now get rid of the dark sultry energy forces right away that hang on in the various chakra centres of your body. Therefore, staying within your auric field as a whole, and removing the subliminal fragments of the act of thought interference from your auric space.Slowing your frequency or vibration? When you start to slow your vibration, you need to sit with your back in alignment, so that your weight is balanced centrally. In order for your chakra centres to be well aligned you, need to settle any issues of bad posture. 

Focusing on your breathing

Focus on you're breathing; starting with inhaling and exhaling in a balanced rhythm. It doesn't matter if you inhale for a beat of three and exhale for a beat of three, or you inhale for beat of five and exhale for a beat of five. It all depends on your own lung capacity, and what makes you pleasurably comfortable when you to breathe in a balanced rhythm. One of the most important factors now is to achieve an awareness and appreciation of a balanced breathing rhythm. Use your visualisation technique to take your awareness, all the way down to your base chakra, slowing your vibration down even further.

Now transfer yourself into the main part of this meditation exercise your vibration will intuitively arise again. Only now, your chakra centres are resonating in harmony, instead of being in discord. In place of one individual chakra taking up all the slack for the idle one's you now have a team effort. Breathing rhythmically should become natural to you, to slow your vibration at the beginning of all the principle meditations. 

Drawing down the White Light

The stronger your visualisation the greater the significance when you bring down white light. Now start by visualising white light that courses freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main chakra centres mentioned below: The Chakra's are the centre of spiritual power in body, they are the vibrational centres of our bodies.

- The Crown Chakra: This is the ketheric layer

- The Brow Chakra: The "Third Eye" is the celestial layer.

- The Throat Chakra: This is the etheric layer.

- The Heart Chakra: This is the astral layer.

- The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the mental or intellectual layer.

- The Spleen Chakra: This is the emotional layer.

- The Root Chakra: This is the physical layer

Now that you've found a cosy position and now that you've found you're natural balanced breathing rhythm, and you're slowing down your vibration. You can now visualise the white light flowing down like a mountain waterfall through your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is the highest vibrational point within your body. White light should always be brought into your body through your crown chakra. 

Visualise pure white light coursing freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main spiritual chakra centres:

Visualise the White Light

Visualise the white light coursing like a liquid through the crown chakra.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the third eye.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the throat chakra.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the heart chakra.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the solar plexus chakra.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the spleen chakra the sexual centre.

Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the root chakra.

Visualise your spiritual chakra centres as being a hollow infrastructure, then as each one fills up with liquid white light. The liquid white light coursing into that chakra and as it does use your awakening perception to inhale breath into that chakra. As you perform this visualisation the chakra centre will become warm and in due time hot.

Now that it is hot you will now know that the chakra centre is completely full with white light, and it's time to move on to the following chakra centre. Most people haven't done this before, so take time to practise this feel and become intuitively aware of the vibration. The white light has a smooth languid sensation as it courses freely through each chakra centre. By now all your chakra centres are full and they should all be coupled into each other, with an influx of white light. 

Anchoring yourself into the earth

The roots of a large tree spread deep underground, anchoring the tree into the earth, use your creative visualisation to imagine roots, going down from your body plunging into the depths of the planet and spreading out, just like the roots of that tree. Envision the prominent bulky roots extending downwards below the surface, broadening from the base of your spine. These roots are the essence that will, enable you to draw into your body the positive frequency of the mother earth. You are now beginning to feel the awareness of a reaction from the planet deep below the surface coursing into your space. As this occurs, you visualise the bulky roots that are beginning to entwine with the waters inside the planet's core, these waters represent the unconditional love, healing the rarefied energy of the Earth.

As your roots entwine with the Earth energy use your senses to experience the awareness of unconditional love. Drawing the Earth energy into your roots, visualising the rainbow of colours spreading upwards flowing languidly into your physical body. The colours black and white are what is needed if you consider that both black and white are a continuous distribution of coloured light. Every colour vibrates at its own aural and visual frequency, whichever colour rises into your physical counterpart, is the healing colour that you need at this time. 

Progression in your meditations 

As you become more adept at your meditations colours will change as your vibration changes. Working with meditation exercises that entwine us with the Mother Earth gives us strength, entwining with Mother Earth promotes our healing energies that are beneficial for you. This exercise of embedding yourself creates an anchor to Mother Earth before you begin any meditation work. Anchoring yourself and learning to access white light at the same time. 

Envision a budding rose still waiting for the impetus of food from Mother Earth. The rose waits patiently for the sun to help it germinate. When you bring down white light through your crown chakra, you entwine with the higher principle that also resonates with the sun. So in essence you become the most central and material part, you become that rose.

Bringing white light down through your crown chakra through the top of your head and you anchor yourself at the same time as you entwine with the essence of the Father's energy of Heaven that is represented by the white light, and the essence of the Energy of Mother Earth. When you do this you merge the essence of Mother and Father, integrating these energies you are neither male nor female, neither father nor mother. You now consist of two integrated parts of the aspects that are best for you at this particular time. 

The meditation used here is to obtain a positive focus to transmute and free any unwanted slow frequency energy forces. That collect within your inner and outer auric space, the auric space which most people call the aura, encompasses the body in the shape of an oval. The oval that surrounds your body should be even in shape, and it should spread out to about one metre equidistantly. The outer auric space that is the buffer zone, lies beyond that. This zone usually prevents negative energies and energy interference entering your auric space, unless you are in good health.

This zone spreads out to about five metres around your aura and the zone make up the entirety of you auric space. The average persons auric space would be six metres in all directions. However, there are a lot of people out there with an auric zone of less than thirty centimetres. If they are ill there may be no protective zone at all! There may be distortion so when astral entities contact or touch the outer sheath of your auric wall, entities move in with relative ease. It is then that entities are capable of causing harm. The colour black as used here in this meditation is the sum total contains all the colours of the wavelength and stands for balance, wholeness and power.

It's unfortunate that the general feeling about the colour black is negative, people think black is cheap it appeals to the mass taste and is regarded as being of lower in quality. People have been taught that black implies disgrace, it's wicked and sinister and is something that causes great agitation and anxiety, by the expectation or the realisation of danger. The fears about blackness have been exaggerated by minds that should know better. The fact is that black as a colour is warm and is restorative in nature, its vibration is also slow compared to that of white light. So if you use black constructively, the structure of any atoms can be rearranged. Therefore, by using black in a constructive way, you can actually rearrange any atoms that might be carrying a negative charge. 

How to do a Laya Yoga Healing Meditation

Align all of your chakras by sitting with your back straight. Slow down your vibration by taking a few deep breaths, then bring white light down through your crown chakra, let it flow like a mountain waterfall into your heart chakra, then anchor yourself into the Earth. This meditation carries the White Light into your heart chakra, Anahata, at this point, at this point white light enters your heart chakra a major signal, is released which will circulate around the body. This creates a stabilising energy from the heart centre, if there are any problems in any of the lower chakra centres, the energy from the heart centre the full vibrational sequence of your body can be raised.

Drawing the black restorative energy up from the feminine essence of the mother Earth and into your roots, the roots of a large tree spreading deep underground, anchoring the tree into the earth, use your creative visualisation to imagine the roots, going down from your body plunging into the depths of the planet and spreading out, just like the roots of that tree. Envision the prominent bulky roots extending downwards below the surface, broadening from the base of your spine.

Even if the energy does not flow freely upwards, use your in-breath technique to carry the black vibration up through the prominent bulky roots that you have visualised, through your feet. Your awareness of the harmony and the restorative powers of which black represents are now coursing into your body. Visualise your the black energy flowing into the lower part of your body, visualise the restorative powers flow into all the major organs. As the black restorative powers flow though you body, symbolise the nature of any irregularities of any aches and pains, problems of a physical or an emotional nature as a piece of ice, all the warm black energy to wash over it like the rise and fall of a tidal current across a sandy beach. Visualise the restorative black energy high up in your body.

Now move back to the white light coming through your crown chakra and increase the white light by indicating to your higher self that you are ready now to receive more energy. Identifying that you have a profusion of white Light energy materialising, and swelling above your head. As the white Light increases, feel it coursing through the crown chakra and down through your body like sea waves coming into an estuary. This washes all the black energy out of your body and out of your auric space.

This entire exercise sequence of bringing black energy up, filling your body, absorbing any irregularities, and washing it out with white Light should be done three times to be safe. You may feel an accumulation of intense warmth in your heart centre, as the white light increases. You might feel the intense warmth in your hands as they rest over, or close to your heart chakra. You may also feel a sensation of gentle warmth gradually develop through your body, beginning at the base chakra centre and moving up into heart chakra and your body might become intensely warm. 

White Light Meditation and Kundalini

The basic premise of this White Light Meditation is to open and cleanse each of the seven rainbow chakras, which are related to the Endocrine System of your body in order to electromagnetically charge the related rainbow Multidimensional Spiritual Bodies of the Morphological Field surrounding you. Your Morphological Field is an oval of White Light that extends six feet out from you and holds these spiritual bodies. These Multidimensional Spiritual Bodies, in the order that they emanate out from you are your red Physical Body, orange Etheric Body, yellow Astral Body, green Mental Body, blue Causal Body, indigo Diamond Body, and violet Celestial Body. The opening, cleansing, and charging is necessary to create the atmosphere to allow the healing supernal energy waiting in the outermost violet Celestial Body to enter and bring you through the three stages of cleansing, healing and maintaining Kundalini.

White Light Meditation has three stages to it that can only be successively reached through daily meditative effort. These three stages are called Red, Radiant, and Golden Kundalini.

Red Kundalini is the stage when God's White Light energy is allowed to enter your body to open and cleanse all seven layers of each of the seven inner-core chakras or glands to become spinning Light Bodies that signal the electromagnetic charging of the Multidimensional Spiritual Body of your Morphological Field surrounding you. When you first allow God's cleansing of the seven layers of you red Root Chakra this signals the innermost Multidimensional Spiritual red Physical Body to be electromagnetically activated. This begins the process to the healing energy entrance. Normally, you only operate at 120volts of energy. God, archangels and the other Supernal Beings operate at 15,000 volts. The cleansing of the seven layers of the six remaining inner-core chakras will, and must, occur to electromagnetically activate the other six surrounding spiritual bodies to bridge the connection to the Archangel's, and others, higher energy and healing powers. Therefore, the cleansing of the next orange Sacral Chakra activates the next layer your orange Etheric Body; which brings you to the cleansing of your yellow Solar Plexus Chakra, which activates your yellow Astral Body; which brings you to the cleansing of your next green Heart Chakra which activates the green Mental Body; which brings you to the cleansing of your blue Throat Chakra which activates the blue Causal Body; which brings the cleansing of the indigo Third Eye Chakra which activates the indigo Diamond Body; which brings the final cleansing of the violet Crown Chakra which activates the violet Celestial Body. This outermost Celestial Body holds the healing energy of your White Light Team members, or angels, archangels, and other Supernal Beings, whose loving energy will enter your body at this point of the White Light Meditation to begin healing. Red Kundalini is then complete for you have bridged the connection to allow your healers in. You then enter the second stage of Radiant Kundalini.

During Radiant Kundalini White Light is broken up by God into the prism of the colors of the archangel's healing rays in your brain's Medulla Oblongata. Each ray holds the healing energy of a specific archangel and arrives at a specific chakra or gland to take from that chakral area of the body what dis-ease, negativity, dysfunction, viruses and/or germs the assigned archangel see affecting it. Radiant Kundalini is also the stage when a loving ethereal portal connection is made by your Ground Color archangel who, along with goddess Artemis will help build this portal site. This portal is a site for DNA restructuring and the area of toxin removal from your body. During the Radiant Kundalini stage of White Light Mediation you will feel bubbly currents of energy at your portal location as glorious God's loving energy reconstructs your DNA to it's natural and healthy Galactic state with additions of love and Inosine. You will also feel your Ground Color archangel's energy gently removing any toxins from your body at this portal location. During this time the sacred portal site will be created to the left side of the designated chakra that is associated with DNA restructuring and toxin removals.

Golden Kundalini is the stage when you will exist in a state of Perfect Health and the blessed cleansing maintenance of your chakras or glands, body, and Morphological Field will occur during future White Light Meditations. If you stop White Light meditating you stop the cleansing, healing, or maintenance of your body that has been attained for you thus far, and for that of Mother Earth. If you begin White Light Meditating again at a later date, your White Light Team will take up at whatever stage of Kundalini they see your body is in need. 

Yoga and White Light 

According Yoga there are two main levels of Divine Light; the first is Atma-Jyoti, the Soul Light or the Higher Self Light and the second is Brahma Jyoti means Light of Universe, Brahmanda Light or the Light of the Holy Spirit! When our individual Soul, Atman during Yoga process unite with Brahman, the Soul of Enghligthen Being starts to shine like Brahman itself. In sufi way terms these two Light are orrespondingly known as Munawwir (created light or soul light) and Nur (uncreated light or Allah light). So called Soul enlightenment (Atma Jyoti) is the first steep to full enghlightenment called Divine or God enlightenment (Brahma Jyoti). This very important Yoga process is very long and reserved for Devas or Hevenly Guru and their human disciples. Enter into Inner White Light is in reality the first steep toward Yoga practice. 

Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. It is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation that has been practiced for more than 9,000 years. More than 3,102 BE, Shree Krishna praticed Yoga given from God-Yogi Shiva Yogeshvara! While yoga evolved as a spiritual paractice in Hinduism, in the Western world, a part of yoga, known as Asana, has grown popular as a form of purely physical exercise. Some Western forms have little or nothing to do with Hinduism or spirituality, but are simply a way of keeping fit and healthy. Yoga was introduced to American society in the late 19th century by Swami Vivekananda, the founder of the Vedanta Society. He believed that India has an abundance of spiritual wealth and that yoga is a method that could help those who were bound by the materialism of capitalist societies to achieve spiritual well-being. 

In The West, hatha yoga has become popular as a purely physical exercise regimen divorced of its original purpose and such situation is false case. Currently, it is estimated that about 30-50 million Americans (USA, Canada) and about 5-15 million Europeans practice a form of hatha yoga. But it is still followed in a manner consistent with tradition throughout the Indian subcontinent. The traditional guru-student relationship that exists without sanction from organized institutions, and which gave rise to all the great yogis who made way into international consciousness in the 20th century, has been maintained in Indian, Nepalese and some Tibetan circles. 

Traditional Hatha Yoga is a holistic yogic path, including moral disciplines, physical postures asanas, purification procedures shatkriyas, poses mudras, yogic breathing pranayamas and meditation. The Hatha yoga predominantly practised in the West consists of mostly asanas understood as physical exercises so it is great misteke and false way of Yoga practie. It is also recognized as a stress-reducing practice. Hatha Yoga is one of the two branches of Yoga that focuses on the physical culture, the other one being Raja Yoga but Raja starts from Lotus Positions means from Padmasana. Both of these are commonly referred to as Shadanga Yoga - Yoga of six parts from 'Shad' meaning six and 'anga' meaning limbs. 

The six limbs of Hatha Yoga are described in Hathayoga Pradipika in detail. Svatmarama emphasizes many times in his Hathapradipika text that there is no Raja Yoga without Hatha Yoga and no Hatha Yoga without Raja Yoga. The main difference is that Raja Yoga uses asanas mainly to get the body ready for prolonged meditation, and hence focuses more on the meditative asana poses: Lotus Posture Padmasana, Accomplished Posture Siddhasana, Easy Posture Sukhasana and Pelvic Posture Vajrasana. Hatha Yoga utilizes not only meditative postures but also cultural postures. Similarly, Raja Yoga's use of Pranayama is also devoid of extensive locks Bandhas. 

Hatha represents opposing energies: hot and cold, fire and water, male and female, positive and negative - following similar taoist qigong concept as yin-yang. Hatha yoga attempts to balance mind and body via physical postures or "asanas", purification practices, controlled breathing, and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation like Trataka. Asanas teach poise, balance and strength and are practised to improve the body's physical health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation in the pursuit of enlightenment. However if an individual has too much phlegm or fat then purification procedures are a necessity before undertaking pranayama. 

Ashtanga is the yoga Eight Limbs of Master Patanjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras. It is composed of eight limbs: Yama and Niyama, which are ethical obligations; Asana; Pranayama, which is breath control; Pratyahara, which is sense withdrawal and spiritual psyhology; Dharana, which is concentration and focusing; Dhyana, which is meditation or more White Light meditation; and Samadhi, which is the experience of unity with God, Brahman and Shiva - the Founder and Owner of all Yoga. The eight limbs are more precisely viewed as eight levels of progress, each level providing benefits in and of itself and also laying the foundation for the higher levels. Frequently Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali is being confused with Raja Yoga, Patanjali nowhere in his sutras uses the term Raja Yoga but use this eight groups of exerises too. 

Hatha Yoga consists of six limbs focused on attaining Samadhi - the Unity of Atman with Brahman, the Holy Spirit of God. In this scheme, the six limbs of Hatha Yoga are defined as Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,  Dhyana, and  Samadhi. The basic text of Hatha Yoga is Hathapradipika by Svatmarama, a grand desciple of Sahajananda from the lineage of Sopana, the younger brother of Jnaneshwara Maharaj of Alandi near Pune. An important part of hatha practices is awakening of Kundalini. The signs of success in hatha yoga are slenderness of the body, cheerful face, hearing mystical sound, bright eyes, sense of well-being, control over the bindu, increase in gastric fire and purification of the nadis. White Light meditations are fundamentals of all kinds Yoga and spiritual White Light, Śukla Jyoti is truly the Light of Yoga! 

The experience of the clear white light in yoga is a mystical vision seen with the mind's eye as vividly as one would see with the physical eyes. We are always seeing light with the third eye in some degree. Close your eyes and envision a large tree standing alone upon a hill covered with flowers bursting out of lush green grass in the field around. Imagine the scene taking place on a sunny day; the clear crisp air in the high altitude brings forth the images distinctly. Put a cloud in the sky for contrast. The light you have been seeing, as you have been creating these suggested images, one at a time, with your thoughts inspired by what you have been reading, is the inner light flooding through the external mind. Remove the cloud from the picture - the flowers, the grass, and the tree. Inner light alone would remain. This inner light intensified one thousand times would be called "the clear white light".

The idea of Yoga, union through perceptive control of the flow of thought, and of the generative processes of a perceptive idea before thought is formed, is most satisfying. The cognition of the actinic processes, or his life currents, intrigues him, and he looks further into the practive of Advaita Yoga techniques and finds that peace is gained through a conscious government, first, of the life currents through the body, and second, of the realms of ideas as they flow into thought. And while remaining the observer of it all in the eternity of the here and now, he fully realizes that time, space, and causation are only indicated through holding an off-balanced consciousness of past and future. 

The feeling and Realization of the here and now intensity of consciousness becomes intriguing to him, and he works daily with Advaita Yoga techniques to strengthen psychic nerve fibers and perfect his artistry in maintaining this awareness. Many things fall away from him as he expands his consciousness through the classical practices of meditation. He loosens the odic bonds of family and former friends; magnetic ties to possessions and places fade out until he is alone - involved only in the refined realms of mind and in the actinic flow of energies. Even if, occasionally, his awareness is brought into a habit pattern or a concept of himself as he used to be, he views it with his new stability in his recently found inner security of being whole. But this, too, quickly fades.

Whenever darkness comes into the material world, it does not affect this centered, enlightened man. He sees light within his head and body as clearly as he does when in states of materialistic consciousness he looks at a glowing light bulb. While involved in innersearching some hidden laws of existence or unraveling the solution to a problem of the outer dimensions of the mind, he sits viewing the inner light, and the light shines through the knitted law of existence clearly, showing it in all its ramifications as well as shining out upon the snarled problem and burning it back into proportionate component parts. 

Yoga adept, Shishya finds that during the past eight or nine thousand years men have from time to time walked the Path of Enlightenment, Samadhi Padah, and he begins to see that he has yet far to go as his light often is dimmed by the pulling he experiences from the past, by the exuberance he shares with the future, and yet the fawn-like instability of the "here and now" eternity he has most recently experienced. Through the Advaita Yoga of Light techniques perfecting the conscious (cittam) use of the will power (iccha shakti), the energies (pranas) can be drawn inward from the outer mind, and awareness can bask in the actinic light, coming into the outer mind only at will, and positively. 

Occasionally young aspirants burst into experience indicating a balance of intense light at a still higher rate of vibration of here and now awareness than their almost daily experience of a moon-glow inner light. It is the dynamic vision of clairvoyantly seeing the head, and at times the body, filled with a brilliant clear light. When this intensity can be attained at will, more than often man will identify himself as the actinic force flowing through the odic externalities of the outer mind and understand it as a force of life more real and infinitely more permanent than the external mind itself. 

The highly trained Advaita Yoga adept, through techniques imparted to him from his Guruh, intensifies the clear white light to the brink of God-Realization. Keeping this continuity alive and not allowing the external consciousness to reign, the young aspirant lives daily in the clear White Light. Thousands of young yoga aspirants who have had bursts of inner light have evolved quickly. Enlightened seers are turning inward to find new ways of bringing forth knowledge from inner realms to meet creatively man's basic needs and to bring through to the external spheres the beauty and culture found only on inner planes. Now is the time for yoga students who have worked diligently in deep concentration and light meditation and in clearing up personal problems to enjoy the contemplative life and be happy in their attainment of the bliss that is their heritage on earth. 

Guruh is an enlightened teacher of the Classical Yoga system of Self-Realization. Advaita Yoga is Non-dualistic philosophy of the Hindu Vedas, where Man is not man, man realised is God, Brahman. Initiated, Dikshani is one who has been accepted as a personal disciple of the guruh. Rishi is profound mystic or sage, yoga master for mastres and perfeted (siddhas). 

The Light of Atma Illuminates Everything 

During the day, the sun illuminates the various objects of the world; at night, the moon plays a similar though lesser role. Therefore, you can declare that it is the sun and the moon that are responsible for the luminous nature of the world and its objects. But during the dream state you also see various things; where are the sun and the moon in that state? The sun that you see in the daytime during your waking state is not there in the dream state; nor is the moon there, nor is any other source of light visible there to illuminate the various objects. Yet you can see an entire world, namely, the world of the dream. What is it that illuminates that world? In the deep-sleep state there is absolute darkness. There is neither knowledge nor wisdom in that state. But how do you know that it is dark? What is it that enables you to apprehend this darkness? 

The deep-sleep state has been described as the unconscious state; the dream state has been described as the sub-conscious state; the waking state has been described as the conscious state. There is a fourth state which transcends all these other states; it may be described as the super-conscious state. In thesuper-conscious state you are able to see everything, everywhere, and enjoy bliss supreme. What is the light that illuminates this bliss state and permits you to experience this unmitigated joy? That light is the effulgence that emanates from the atma. It is this light which illuminates all the other statesas well and enables you to see them.

In the Vedas, the sages have spoken of this super-conscious state. They declared, "We are able to see a state which transcends the others, including the darkness of the dreamless state. Beyond the dreamless state is the supreme light of the atma which illuminates the waking, the dream and the deep-sleep states." To understand this a little better, consider an example from the waking state. When you close your eyes for a minute, what exactly are you seeing? You will say that there is nothing there, only absolute darkness. But then the question arises, 'How is it that I am able to perceive this darkness?Since I seem to see it and am able to describe it, there must be a light of consciousness which illuminates this state and enables me to see even this darkness.' That light is the light of the atma It is only through this transcendental light that all the other lights can shine.

We celebrate a festival of light in which we light a candle, and from that one candle go on lighting all the other candles and lamps. This first light is the basis for lighting the others. It is because we have this first light that we are able to light so many others. For living beings, this first light is the divine light of the one atma. With it, all the individual lamps, representing the countless individual beings, are lit in turn. It is because of this divine light that the eyes are able to see. It shines from inside and illuminates all beings. But it is not only the source of all living beings, it is also the source of all objects and all the external bodies of light, such as the sun and the moon.

You may wonder, since you cannot see this divine light, how can you be sure that it illuminates all these other objects and lights. Here the example of a battery will be instructive. You cannot see the electrical power which is in the cells, but if you switch on the current flow you can see the light in the bulb. If there had been no electric power in the cell, you would not have been able to get any light from the bulb. The body may be thought of as an electric lamp driven by this battery cell which is the mind your eyes are the bulb and your intelligence is the switch which controls it. In this battery cell of the mind, a very special type of energy derived from the atma is stored. In ordinary electric batteries the power gets exhausted very quickly, but the atmic current flows continuously through the mind. The Vedas have declared that the mind is the receptacle for storing the atmic energy. It is this inexhaustible source that provides the temporary... 

Yoga of Four Dhyanas

Dhyana (Sanskrit) or better Śukla Dhyana (White, Pure Dhyana) can refer to a form of light meditation or to an absorbed state of mind brought about by meditation. In particular, dhyana refers to the four states of absorption, sometimes called the "four dhyanas." 

The Four Dhyānas are: 

1) First Dhyāna: Bliss Born of Separation; the first dhyana is a state with both concept and discernment. The first is seclusion, in which u must free your mind from sensuality.

2) Second Dhyāna: Bliss Born of Samadhi; the second dhyana is a state without concept but with just discernment. The second is a tranquility of mind full of joy and gladness. 

3) Third Dhyāna: Wonderful Happiness of Being Apart from Bliss; the third dhyana is a state without delight but with bliss. The third is taking delight in things spiritual. 

4) Fourth Dhyāna: Clear Purity of Casting Away Thought; the fourth dhyana is a state of equanimity. The fourth is a state of perfect purity and peace, in which mind is above all gladness and grief. Be sober and abandon wrong practices which serve only to stultify ur mind. 

Four Dhyanas means for dominating of spirit over matter1. Prevent bad qualities from arising.2. Put away bad qualities which has arisen.3. Produce goodness that does not yet come to existence.4. Search with sincerity and persevere in ur search. In the end, u will find the truth.

The Four Dhyānas are higher states or realms of consciousness (levels of samadhi) reached in two ways: a) temporarily, through correct meditation, and b) on a lifetime basis through rebirth as a god in the dhyāna-heavens (gods). 

The first dhyana level which is accomplished in this way has five features: conception, discernment, joy, physical wellbeing and samadhi. When the meditator reaches the first dhyana, passions, desires and unwholesome thoughts (see akusala) are released, and the meditator feels joyful interest and a sense of well-being. One enters the First Dhyāna by abandoning “examination” (vitarka), which refers to coarse polluted thinking. One is thus separated from one’s afflictions. In the First Dhyāna a more subtle kind of polluted thinking called “investigation” (vicāra) still remains, as do “bliss” (prīti) and “happiness” (sukha). Prīti is a type of blissful light ease associated with the body, and sukha is a more subtle and pure happiness or joy. In the First Dhyāna (the Ground of Bliss Born of Separation), one’s pulse stops, but this doesn’t mean one is dead. This brings a particular happiness which is unknown to those in the world.  

The second dhyana, which is even more peaceful, has four features: the perfect clarity in which conception and discernment have been relinquished, joy, physical wellbeing and samadhi. In the second dhyana, intellectual activity fades and is replaced by tranquility and one-pointedness of mind. Joyful interest and sense of well-being are still present. When one enters the Second Dhyāna, vicāra is eliminated, and a finer experience of bliss from one’s meditational state remains. The Second Dhyāna is called the Ground of Bliss Born of Samadhi. In the Second Dhyāna, one’s breath stops. There is no detectible breathing in and out, but at that time an inner breathing takes over. 

The third dhyana, which is more peaceful still, has five features: equanimity in which the concept of joy has been abandoned, mindfulness, watchful awareness, physical wellbeing and samadhi. In the third dhyana, joy fades and is replaced by equanimity (upeksha). In the Third Dhyāna prīti is eliminated, so that only the pure happiness of sukha remains. The Third Dhyāna is the Ground of the Wonderful Happiness of Being Apart from Bliss. One renounces the dhyāna bliss as food and the happiness of the Dharma that occurs in initial samadhi. One goes beyond that kind of happiness and reaches a sense of wonderful joy. It is something that one has never known before, that is inexpressible in its subtlety, and that is inconceivable. At the level of the Third Dhyāna, thoughts also stop. There is no active thought process—not a single thought arises. When not a single thought arises, the entire substance manifests. hen the six organs suddenly move, there is a covering of clouds. At the point when not one thought arises, the entire substance and great function (of your Boddhi-nature) are in evidence. But once your six organs suddenly move, then it is obscured. It just takes a slight movement by the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, or mind to cause this to happen. Then one is covered over by the clouds of the five skandhas. 

The fourth dhyana, which is called the ultimate dhyana because it is yet more peaceful, has four features: the neutral sensation in which the sensation of physical wellbeing has been abandoned, mindfulness, the mental formation of equanimity, and samadhi. In the fourth dhyana, all sensation ceases and only mindful equanimity remains. In the Fourth Dhyāna sukha, a very subtle cognitive function of the mind, is also eliminated, leading to an even purer state of mind. The Fourth Dhyāna is called the Ground of the Clear Purity of Casting Away Thought. In the Third Dhyāna thoughts were stopped—held at bay—but they still had not been renounced altogether. In the heavens of the Fourth Dhyāna, not only are thoughts stopped, they are done away with completely. There basically are no more cognitive considerations. This state is extremely pure, subtly wonderful, and particularly blissful. However, reaching the Fourth Dhyāna is simply a preliminary, expedient state of meditational inquiry reached by beginners. Having reached this state is of no use at all in itself. It is not certification of sagehood. You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that reaching these four levels makes you somehow very special. You’ve only experienced a bit of the flavor of Chan (Dhyana). 

If we take the writings of Patanjali, Vyasa and Vacaspati Mishra (in his Tattva-Vaisharadi), we find a sequence of four samadhi whose degree of refinement increases in stages. According to the classical Hindu yoga schools, a practitioner progresses through the samadhi by first gaining proficiency at a grosser stage of spiritual attainment, and by then developing dispassion toward this stage so as to progress to the next higher, subtler, purified, or refined level of meditative accomplishment. Just as in the progression through the four dhyana, the higher realm of concentration is viewed as purer or more refined than the lower, but this purity is only relative. Nevertheless, the mind is thus encouraged along a graduated process of refinement, all of which corresponds to higher and higher accomplishments within the Realm of Form.

The first samadhi in these schools is the vitarka samadhi, which is a samadhi still involved with the cogitation of thought that involves examining an object. This is nothing less than the first dhyana, for none of the other dhyana are still involved with the vitarka of coarse mental grasping. Thus the objects of vitarka samadhi meditation are rather coarse, namely the gunas of Hinduism and their products.
Vedanta, namely the Samkhya school of philosophy, offers a wide variety of suggestions for these objects of support, which are objects used as a point of focus in meditation. For example, you can meditate on the five elements, on a material form (such as the sun, a flame, etc.), or on a deity such as Vishnu or Shiva, or even on the image of Jesus, or a chakra or Sanskrit letter. All these forms serve as a point of focus in meditation so that a spiritual aspirant can generate one-pointed concentration and attain the state of samadhi.

Next we have vicara samadhi, which is a samadhi of just vicara. The second and third dhyana of Buddhism can both be classified as just vicara, which is mental reflection or observation, but the third dhyana is distinguished by the fact that it is characterized mainly by bliss (ananda). Hence, the third dhyana corresponds to the stage of ananda samadhi, and the Hindu sage Vyasa confirms this understanding with the description: "Rapture is bliss." This leaves the second dhyana as the sole correspondent for the vicara samadhi of classical Hindu yoga, and its stipulation as the second samadhi in the series matches up with the second dhyana ranking as well.

The last samadhi is asmita samadhi, which is described as a samadhi of merely I-am-ness. This is the fourth dhyana where there is only one-pointed concentration and profound emptiness, but where the practitioner has not yet freed himself from the confines of the egocentric seventh consciousness. He has reached a stage of selflessness, but it is not the complete selflessness of the Tao.

In summary:  Vitarka samadhi corresponds to the first dhyana. Vicara samadhi corresponds to the second dhyana. Ananda samadhi corresponds to the third dhyana. Asmita samadhi corresponds to the fourth dhyana. 

As the Hindu sage Vyasa says of the four Samadhi: "The vitarka-conjoint samadhi actually accompanies all four. The second one, with gross thought (vitarka) having been terminated, is accompanied by subtle thought (vicara). The third one, with subtle thought having been terminated, is accompanied by bliss (ananda). The fourth one, with that bliss having been terminated, is merely I-am-ness (asmita). All these samadhis are dependent on, conjoint with, or accompanied by supportive factors." 

In addition to the four dhyana, we already know that there is also a more refined set of meditations called the four formless samadhi. These are also known as the four formless meditations, four formless absorptions, or four formless concentrations. As with the four dhyana, the four formless samadhi are considered "shared stages" or "common stages" on the spiritual path, although while they are called "shared" it does not mean that all people achieve them.

The entire set of eight absorptions, which includes the four dhyana, is a "shared set of attainments" within the reach of many different cultivation and religious schools. Together, the four dhyana and four samadhi make eight vehicles which are alternatively known as the eight samadhi, eight concentrations, eight absorptions, or eight jhanas.

As indicated by their name, the four formless samadhi represent a stage of meditative attainment that no longer corresponds to the Realm of Form. Accordingly, the stage of attainment they represent surpasses the physical material world (Desire Realm) and even the energy world (Form Realm). Though there are some slight differences in the names used by various translators to signify these states, the four formless samadhi absorptions are commonly known as:

1. the samadhi of infinite space; the infinite form samadhi; 

2. the samadhi of infinite consciousness; Ananta Ćittam; 

3. the samadhi of nothingness; Nirvana; 

4. the samadhi of neither thought nor no-thought; 

We cannot say that these four samadhi are progressively attained in the same manner of the four dhyana-which are typically mastered one after the other--and yet we could also say this as well. You might sit down to meditate and spontaneously experience the samadhi without thought and without no-thought, or the samadhi of infinite space, but you will not be able to maintain these experiential realms unless your concentration and yogas were stable and strong enough. 

You will also recall that when you abide in a particular dhyana, the levels below you appear gross and undefined, while the levels above you appear more peaceful and refined. As we have said, this is because the lower four dhyana all refer to graduations of the Form Realm. Since the formless samadhi correspond to the Formless Realm, we cannot say that one formless samadhi is higher or lower than another. They are merely different, so you do not have to cultivate them in any particular order. Then again, you can say that they are arranged in a hierarchical ranking by order of purity.

Some schools will mistakenly tell you that the formless absorptions are attained one after the other in a progressive fashion, but this is incorrect. For instance, in the first dhyana you might also be able to reach the samadhi of infinite space even if you cannot reach the other three dhyana. As another example, in the second dhyana you might be able to reach all the formless absorptions without having attained the third or fourth dhyana. Therefore, the view of progressive attainment of the formless absorptions is incorrect. Attaining them depends entirely upon your qualifications. 

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(Excerpts form Lalitamohan's Babaji lectures about Light Meditations, Dhyana and Samadhi) 

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